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Rise of AI is one of the leading global conference for Artificial Intelligence. We host Rise of AI for the 4th time in May 17th 2018.

There will be 500+ AI participants; 15+ Applied AI talk; 9+ AI keynotes; +30 AI companies and +250,000 AI followers.

You will receive a stage, an audience, media coverage, high quality videos and pictures of your talk.

If you like to host a workshop, be an AI topic leader,  speak at our Applied AI stage or give a keynote at our main AI stage, then please fill out this short form.

Accepted speakers receive free full access to the conference (including catering) and a seat at our speaker dinner. Within Europe we can help you to cover your traveling costs to some extend. Please keep in mind, that we do not pay a speaker fee.
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We love people, who love AI. Why is AI (in form of Narrow AIs, AGIs, Super AI or no AI) so important for you?
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We look for AI lovers, researchers, developers, experts, curious people and transhumanists. Therefore please tell us, what your favorite topics are.
Please share your references.

Linkedin, Twitter, personal Blog, company page, publications, videos of your talks and anything else we should know.
Bonus question: What greatness have you seen recently in AI?

Tell us your story, how AI is benefiting human kind.
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Please let us know if you would like to add something. Is there something we should know? You have some ideas? Great! Please share them with us.
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